Introducing “Bon Matin !”: the Geneva Business News Podcast

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Through “Bon Matin !”, you will discover the many portraits that make GBN a vibrant and unique environment.




In our podcast, we investigate creatively and originally subjects from a diverse range of people, constantly enriched by diverse viewpoints in the spirit of the “la ville international” that is Geneva.

As such, GBN it is the only local collaborative platform that can draw on the multicultural richness of its experts.

Bon Matin !” can be found on Anchor and Spotify.

The first episode is a short interview with 3D artist and avid gamer, Jonathan Guthauser, a collaborator in the communications and multimedia departments at GBN. Jasmine Benson chats with “Johnny” about such critical topics as the meaning of life, dental hygiene, and Zelda.

In the second episode, Jasmine Benson sat down with John Godden, Digital Marketing Specialist in the communications and multimedia department at GBN.  We go deep with John on slapping cats (it’s not what you think), functional beer pens, and the importance of getting into the stock market early…

Come join us to find out more!


Jasmine Benson Jasmine Benson

Event producer with a passion for design, aesthetics and architecture.
7 years of experience in the event planning field with great knowledge of international environments and markets. Vibrant and enthusiastic personality dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.

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