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Job Searching – Making the Most of Summer

Écrit par Addison Holmes
Paru le 24 juillet 2017

summerSummers do not seem to last as long as when we were children.

For those working during the summer, it might be tough to see colleagues with children leave for up to a month to chase after their kids on a beach. For those looking for work, summer can seem like a long time to hold your breath and wait for someone, somewhere, to realize how talented you really are.

This time of year can be, however, a precious time not just to relax, but also to build and explore work opportunities.

An urban myth

First of all, there is the myth that there are fewer jobs advertised in summer. While there is little research on this in Geneva, in other parts of the world, anecdotal evidence says that actually more jobs are advertised. Keep looking on job notice boards.

Opportunities are there; you may just have to be more patient when scheduling job interviews around employer’s holidays.

What does seem to be the case is that certain professions do advertise more from June to September, such as in administration, teaching, contract and project based work, and information technology.

Employers may also be less busy and will be willing to give you more time to present yourself one-on-one. Additionally, you will have less competition in the interview process - your potential competitors are busy running around on that beach.


Sharpen your tools

Summer is also a great time to network. Get out there and meet people before the mad rush of September builds. Practise your presentation skills while others have time to listen to your pitch and help you improve it.

The people you want to meet, and potential hirers, are generally more relaxed and will probably be able to agree to a short ‘exploration’ interview, or even just a coffee. There is more chance they will remember you in the future. Remember, no matter the season, most jobs are not advertised.

Summer is also an excellent time to update and improve your CV. Be proactive and send it to potential recruiters over these months while their workload may be lighter


The “summer job”

Lastly, look for short-term summer contracts. Having the right work ethic and getting to know the right people during this time can lead to longer-term employment.


Rest is not idleness

Sit under a tree, swim in the lake, enjoy the warmth. Yet as the Greek philosopher Hesiod said, “It will not always be summer; build shelter.”

Good luck and from all at GBN, have a wonderful summer.

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