Most popular Learning Management Systems in 2018

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With online learning becoming more and more mainstream over the past few years – in support of the ‘bringing learning to the user ‘concept – choosing the right learning management system (LMS) has become a very important and difficult task.

The LMS market has matured and consolidated over the last several years. There is an increased uniformity in design and features, with most LMSs today being highly responsive, interoperable and cloud-hosted.

The modern LMSs have to support the delivery of a wide range of learning solutions – blended learning, mix of real-time (synchronous) and pre-recorded (asynchronous) modules, activities and assessments, MOOCs (massive open online courses) and variations within these categories –  and be tailored to an organization’s mission and goals.

Based on user satisfaction and taking into account technical specifications, scalability, adaptability to different learning environments and other learning-relevant metrics, we have identified 20 LMS software solutions (according to that are currently the most popular among organizations and learning specialists.


Top 20 LMS software solutions in 2018
1. LitmosLMS 11. Moodle
2. TalentLMS 12. Geenio
3. Docebo 13. Absorb LMS
4. iSpring Learn 14. Grovo LMS
5. Edmodo 15. SmarterU LMS
6. Schoology 16. Looop
7. Canvas LMS 17. Sakai
8. Bridge LMS 18. Eurekos
9. Brightspace 19. HackEDU Secure Development Training
10. Blackboard 20. ProProfs LMS


Ruxandra Grigorita Ruxandra Grigorita

I am an experienced learning professional with a passion for education and developing adults' skills.

As a Learning Consultant, I have combined my passion for education with my business understanding to become an effective translator of complex business topics into engaging and innovative learning experiences!

Some of my achievements:

Introducing new technologies and processes - Change Management - Internal Communications - SAP Implementation - Sales Effectiveness - Performance Management Process - Capabilities Mapping

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