Neobanks : Opportunities and Challenges

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A neobank is a virtual bank that is purely online and digital.

Accessible on smartphones, computers and tablets, neobanks have no physical presence nor street branches, and use up-to-date Fin Tech approved technologies with artificial intelligence.

Neobanks are starting to boost their presence in the banking industry. They are driving innovation and increasing competition against traditional banks. At the same time – and while still in their early phase of development – neobanks are subject to the same regulations and procedures as traditional banks.

How it works

Opening an account with a neobank is fast and free via video streaming and live chat – such as FaceTime and Zoom – with authorized representatives and bankers. There are automated kyc (know-your-client) checks before opening an account using regulated applications such as videoldent.

Accounts can be opened and up and running in minutes.

Neobanks support open banking dashboards and applications on their main platforms and can track personal expenses and other customer needs such as basic and complex account packages including credit cards. They waive all major hefty transaction charges such as purchases involving foreign exchange. Payments and loans are executed on a real time basis.

N26 is coming

A new Berlin-based neobank, N26, is set to launch in the Swiss market within the next two months, according to CEO Valentin Stalf.

Its main competitor in the Swiss market will be Revolut who already have some 50,000 clients.

Over 10,000 Swiss-based customers have already signed up to open an account with N26 when it debuts in the Swiss market. The bank is also preparing its launch in the U.S. with a staff of 60 already working full-time on this project. The company’s value at the beginning of 2019 was CHF 2.7 billion.

Future challenges

For tech savvy consumers whose requirements include fast service, online convenience and low costs Neobanks seem to be a viable, additional option to having a traditional bank account. Neobanks have potential for growth, however, attracting customers and creating profitability are two major challenges they will have to face as they compete against the traditional banks.



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