New ways to advertise: mood marketing

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As times are changing very rapidly, marketers are also trying to find new ways to market their brands, products and services. One of the new trends is mood marketing. What exactly is it, and how do brands use it?


Mood marketing is a relatively new technique where marketers use behavioral data (or “moods”) captured in real-time from social media measures like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, or LinkedIn in order to market their products and services. The data can then be used in creating various marketing campaigns.

Not only do these techniques help with increasing brand awareness, but they also help matching brands with a mood, feeling or emotion like happiness. Coca Cola is one of the biggest users of mood marketing. For instance, Coca Cola Benelux used mood marketing to create an event for its “choose happiness” campaign. In the Antwerp metro, one person starts to laugh while watching something on his IPad. He cannot stop laughing, and everyone else in the metro starts to laugh too. In that moment when everyone is happy, Coca Cola is then distributed with a smiley face card, and in the video we see the tagline “happiness starts with a smile”.

Mood marketing is not limited to happiness. The chocolate brand Snickers, part of the Mars group, is investigating if there is any connection between impulse chocolate buying and moods like boredom, stress, or sadness based on behavioral data.

Apple has also filed an application to patent a mood-based ad system, and has recently acquired the start-up company Emotient, which has developed artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology to read emotions on people’s faces and measure their reactions to advertisements.


Coca-Cola marketing ad

Photo by Evan-Amos (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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