Podcast relive the vibe: episode iii – in the wonderful world of design

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Podcast relive the vibe: episode iii – in the wonderful world of design

Podcast relive the vibe: episode lll – in the wonderful world of design


ReLive the Vibe – Behind the Scenes is Geneva Business News’ brand new podcast show (available on YouTube and Spotify) that talks about the ReVibe Music Festival, a virtual event organized in 2021  that showcased amazing local bands and artists from Geneva´s electropop scene.

Entering the wonderful world of design

We are talking about design! This week’s guest, Sylvia Rochat, is one of the most talented and dedicated graphic designers in Geneva. Sylvia is a specialist in visual communications and has international experience in both marketing and customer service, having worked in highly competitive industries. A true globetrotter, her impressive language skills (English, French, Spanish, Italian) have taken her on professional adventures in the US, Italy, and Switzerland.

As Art Director for the ReVibe Music Festival, she was responsible for creating all of the amazing design work for the project producing and editing the videos, and creating the official website. For someone who always strives to learn new things and master the latest technologies, it is not surprising that she was involved in every aspect of the project!

In the ReLive podcast, Sylvia brings us to the magical and wonderful world of design as she describes how project visions and concepts transform in her hands to amazing design work. Her passion for design, creativity, and the digital arena truly shines through in this engaging story of what the ReVibe festival meant to her – on a professional as well as personal level.

So check out the episode and join the podcast as it takes a dive into the wonderful world of design!

ReLive the Vibe – a podcast that goes behind the scenes of a virtual music festival

ReLive the Vibe is a podcast show that explores the background and process of launching a virtual festival, by talking to the many creative minds that were operating behind the scenes. Topics range from graphic design to project management, copywriting, festival production, social media management, and everything else that is involved in such a creative and cross-departmental project.

Listeners and viewers will be treated to a unique backstage experience as the festival organizers share all the crazy, fun, and unexpected details from their festival experience. For anyone interested in launching music or an online event or just curious about promotion and communication in general, ReLive the Vibe podcast show provides an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the best talents in the industry!


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