Postfinance raises their prices

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Customers at PostFinance who have more than 7,500 CHF in their account do not pay bank fees. As from January 2019, however, the bank will change 5 CHF per month for account management.

Some clients will not have to pay these fees, namely;

  • Private clients who have an investment account with more than 25,000 CHF.
  • Private clients who have bought life insurance from the bank.
  • Clients who hold a mortgage with the bank.

Mr. Hansruedi Köng, the CEO of PostFinance, knows that these fees will be unpopular.

The bank is, however, facing a difficult financial environment. Firstly, PostFinance was banned from providing loans to potential customers, and this decision was only overturned in September this year. However, it had an impact on the bank’s finances. In the first semester of 2018, PostFinance recorded a net profit of 125 million CHF, compared to 372 million CHF in the previous year. Low-interest rates have also hit the bank’s profitability.

The end of free banking services

Other services that were once free will now attract a fee, such as receiving a bank statement (1 CHF each month), making an inquiry (4 CHF), and for commercial clients, a PostFinance card will now be 30 CHF per year.

Postfinance still ‘low cost’ 

Despite these new charges, Benjamin Manz, the manager of Moneyland which compares bank fees and insurance services, still considers PostFinance as one of the cheapest banks for customers in Switzerland.

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