Social Media Marketing in COVID-19: An IG Live Conversation with Melissa Haguma

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Social media in covid-19 a conversation with Melissa Haguma

Meet the Social Media Czars: How to remain relevant and continue marketing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Social Media marketing can be a mystery but, host two social media experts together on Instagram Live and what do you get?

A wealth of information and insights about an increasingly important field that is only going to grow in vitality and scope. Especially in this period of time of fast changing habits.


Melissa Haguma made the scary and bold move to become a freelancer back in 2017 because she “felt an urge to support ethical and sustainable businesses. So I created Bloomons.” Bloomons is a one-woman agency that designs sustainable and authentic communication strategies for sustainable businesses – with a focus on fashion & lifestyle.


Ashleigh Armstrong brings together people to help groups thrive as a Community Manager and Content Creator. She supports brands and organizations building their social media presence, and in her words “turns customers into fans and fans into ambassadors.”  Check out some of Ashleigh’s other social media themed articles here.


You’ll be able to ask questions live during the session via the comment section!


Where: Follow us on Instagram, visit our account and tap our profile photo to join the conversation!


Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2020 


Time: 1:30pm CEST

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