SocialFluent Live: Visual Storytelling on Social Media

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socialfluent les nanas d'paname chloé bonnard and ashleigh armstrong

You have 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention before they continue scrolling past your content. How do you tell your brand’s story when words aren’t enough?   


Join Ashleigh Armstrong, our resident Social Mediaholic and host of our new Instagram Live series, “SocialFluent”, for a discussion with CEO of Les Nanas d’Paname, Chloé Bonnard.


Meet the head Nana in charge

Chloé Bonnard is the Founder and CEO of Les Nanas d’Paname, a Parisian collective created in 2011 that carries humanist values within an efficient network, brings together life experiences, supports and values the projects of its members, and benevolently accompanies the processes of self-fulfillment for its crew and followers. In 2016, she created the LNDP agency with Edouard Couturier to promote the collective, featuring a new agency model based on a strong ethic with progressive ideas! They propose “to build strong projects to change awareness on social issues and talk to the new generation by drawing inspiration from our values and allow your target to identify with the members of our collective.” 


Ashleigh Armstrong brings together people to help groups thrive as a Community Manager and Content Creator. She supports brands and organizations building their social media presence, and in her words “turns customers into fans and fans into ambassadors.”  Check out some of Ashleigh’s other social media themed articles here.


You’ll be able to ask questions live during the session via the comment section!


Where: Follow us on Instagram, visit our account and tap our profile photo to join the conversation!


Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 


Time: 11:30am CEST

Ashleigh (Anderfuhren) Armstrong Ashleigh (Anderfuhren) Armstrong

I'm a sociable person; always have been. From as early-on as I can remember, I've been bringing people together.

Here in Geneva, I learned that there was a name for combining this with my Public Relations background: community building. For 2 years, I managed a community of 250+ individuals, start-ups and established companies on their journeys in social entrepreneurship. I'm especially proud that I was able to migrate the community from Facebook and other platforms, to a new internal social platform resulting in everyone being able to more easily exchange knowledge, skills and services.

I now marry the personal joy of bringing people together and understanding how groups thrive as a Community Manager with my need to be creative as a Content Creator. I support brands and organizations in building their social media presence, where my goal is to turn customers into fans and fans into ambassadors.

How? By staying on top of my game, constantly seeking out that next opportunity to start or join a new online trend, creating quality content for the right audience and allowing data to guide my knowledge of every audience.

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