Starting your career journey

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Are you starting on your career journey with a master’s degree but lack work experience?

Do you have an idea for a career, but don’t understand what people do in your target sector? Or how to get started to find your dream job?

In this series of articles, we are going to speak to different people in different fields to show how to fill in the blanks and get the information you need to get into your desired job market.

My motivation is to help others find the best way to position themselves on the right career path.

Starting off on a career journey

Most young people find a “student job” to help them make a bit of money while studying. This work is usually, however, outside their professional field of interest.

Subsequently, it is a challenge to be fresh out of university (or any other institution) and know where to go next in your career.

Some people lack experience, others don’t know what they want to do with their lives, or sometimes both. There is only one solution; do not give up, and fight on until we find the right path.

There are many methodologies that can assist you to find your future career path. With these articles though, we will have a database with the basics needed to help you decide whether or not you could be interested in particular fields and if so, what is required to apply for such positions.

Together, we will explore the following sectors; sustainable development, world heritage and culture, communications, and football.

And me, your fellow traveler? I have a Master’s Degree in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development, with experience in sustainable development and communications. I am also passionate about football.

If these fields interest you too, then stay tuned for the subsequent articles.



Giovanni Fiore Giovanni Fiore

With a Masters in Sustainable Development, my added value is in my research, project management, organisation and communication skills. Since I am also passionate and knowledgeable about football, I combine my background with my passion as I am convinced both worlds can work well together.

Having grown up in a multicultural context and lived all over the world, I am very sensitive to the well-being of our planet and have strong language skills, speaking English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

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