Francoise Baroffio Francoise Baroffio

I am an accomplished assistant with over 30 years of experience in various fields, including finance, for fiduciaries, banks and asset management companies - biotechnology and internal control.

My natural curiosity drives me to learn about the responsibilities and roles of a position in depth, so people can fully rely upon me. At the same time, it also means there is nothing I like more than meeting new people and immersing myself in new cultures, something which has lead me to not only master English, but also to spend over 10 years learning Chinese!

There are three main sides to my character :

- As an altruistic person, I am a team player and client satisfaction is paramount for me.

- I strongly believe that the key to good communication is to listen attentively and to provide clear explanations. This is another strength.

- At the same time, I can see the big picture. If given specific directives, I can foresee the problems which could arise and suggest or bring alternative solutions autonomously and pro-actively to my manager so we can have the best results possible.

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