The Benefits of a Feedback Culture

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There are conversations that can poison a work environment. They can be in the form of backstabbing to outright insults born of work frustration.

One way to ameliorate such a toxic environment is to create in a company a well-established feedback culture (FC).

Having a feedback culture is where a workplace is focused on honest feedback between employees, between employees and managers, and between managers and executives

But developing a feedback culture is not easy to grow and cultivate; it takes time and effort to develop.

A positive workplace

Creating communication bridges-HR-Evolution in Salon RH 2019 in Genève

People need happiness, satisfaction and to feel good in the place where they stay hours and hours. There is a need to feel accepted, respected and, why not, appreciated.

People are not, however, machines. That is a simple statement, but one that has not adhered to enough in some companies.

Therefore, creating a real feedback culture in a company must not just be based on improving productivity. It is also a way to facilitate wellness among employees. In fact, this should be the primary aim since wellness will lead to better productivity, and not the other way around.

Achieve Feedback Culture through team cohesion

According to HR-Evolutions “professional relationships can be the best and the worse of worlds, so it is essential to develop quality professional relationships.”

If team cohesion is well established, a feedback culture is assured with all the benefits that this entails.

Through good orientation and with a conviction that this direction has many positives, this type of culture can be established.

It will take time, however, and follow-up to turn this culture into the natural way of life within the company to provide it with collective intelligence.





Julia Quintanar Julia Quintanar

Assistante de projets de communication et développement durable avec plus de 10 années d’expérience dans la médiation interculturelle, je suis titulaire d’un Master en Responsabilité Sociale de l’Entreprise et parle l’anglais, le français et l’espagnol.
Les gens qui me connaissent me considèrent comme une médiatrice naturelle, grâce à mon empathie, mon sens relationnel et une écoute toujours attentive. J’aime approcher les gens de cultures différentes, promouvoir le consensus et assurer l’intégration des individus dans le groupe.
Mon objectif professionnel est d'apporter ma contribution à des institutions où je peux mettre à profit mes connaissances et mon expérience. Je cherche à faire quelque chose d'utile pour la société et pour la planète.
Communication and Sustainability projects Assistant with over 10 years of experience in intercultural mediation, I hold a Master’s Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility and speak English, French and Spanish.
My colleagues consider me as a natural mediator, thanks to my empathy, interpersonal skills and active listening. I like to approach people from different cultures, reaching consensus and ensuring the integration of individuals within the group.
My professional goal is to contribute to social and environmental projects where I can bring along my knowledge and experience and succeed in doing something useful for people and for the planet.

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