UBIS & FutureWork Forum – Workspace of the Future on 19th September, Geneva

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UBISFWFUBIS and Futurework Forum are organising the latest in their series of conference events, “Workspace of the Future”  on Thursday 19th September at UBIS Campus, Geneva. The seminar will provide a practical exploration of the Organizations of Tomorrow, with the aim of providing participants with “an in depth understanding of the external and internal forces that will shape their personal and organizational futures”. The organisers  maintain that “change is inevitable” and, therefore, the key question we all need to ask ourselves is how we will embrace and adapt to change and how we can benefit from and actively shape these changes ourselves.

The seminar will cover both macro issues (labour developments, demographics and technologies) as well as micro issues; what will the future workspace look like, the 4Rs (recruitment, reward, retention and retirement / succession planning) and coaching / mentoring. The ultimate aim is to get a thorough appreciation of these complex issues and create a useful “blueprint of the future for both participants and their organisations”.

The aim is to understand and to manage the working environment of tomorrow“, Mike Johnson, Chairman of the Futurework Forum.

According to UBIS and Futurework Forum,  participants should attend to get a clear feel for “the BIG issues that are not part of our day-today business life” and have an understanding of “which skills will be in short supply and who will want them and where”.

For more information and registration, please visit www.workspaceofthefuture.com. The event is also supported by Kelly Outsourcing Group, an outsourcing consultant and Consulting Group of Fortune 500 workforce solution providers.

Source: UBIS/Futurework Forum

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