Why You Should Hire Plus 50-year-olds

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“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”

— Robert Frost

“Wisdom comes with winters.”

— Oscar Wilde

  1. Work Ethic

Older workers come to work to work. They are less distracted and remain focused on getting the job done. The over 50 employee is a hard worker that respects deadlines and understands that they are expected to put in a hard day’s work for the money they earn. Studies also show that concentration and reading others’ emotions improve after the age of fifty. 

  1. Natural Mentors

With many years of experience, older employees have a lot to offer. Their experience can be invaluable to management because it can be transferred to younger, less experienced workers. More importantly, older workers will likely know how to complete a specific task or project without having to look it up on Google or Youtube. Thus, older workers lend themselves naturally to becoming non-threatening mentors because of their valuable insights and experiences.

  1. Devotion to their Employers

People over 50 generally do not have small children. They are therefore more flexible with their time.

  1. Understanding and Learning

Research shows that people over the age of 50 have stronger mathematical skills and vocabulary improves as the years go by. Furthermore, understanding and learning new information is easier once you reach 50.

  1. Experience

Finally, and most importantly, there is the experience factor. People over fifty will run with the wind and most likely need little training.


Your Age as an Asset

A good case example is David Welbourn. Interviewed by Jennifer Merritt of Learnvest, Welbourn spoke about how he learned to differentiate himself from the younger competition. “I got wonderful coaching about how to make the case for myself not as an older person but as an experienced individual who was less likely to be fooled by situations and someone with a good track record of success. This may sound ageist, but as a leader, I would rather hire somebody who really has good experience,” Welbourn says. “Someone who can weather the ups and downs.”



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Susanne Zador

Susanne Zador

My professional experience has been eclectic.

From working as an Executive Assistant in an auction house, a major cultural institution or a multinational to writing advertising copy for advertising and a radio station in New York State, I have always adapted and learned from each experience.

As a creative Executive and Personal Assistant, I find solutions by thinking out of the box. When organizing events, I think about the context and come up with ideas that are adapted to each occasion. Adding value is also important for me in everything I do. When working for an advertising agency one of my clients rented advertising space at the Geneva airport baggage carousel. I immediately explored an idea and came up with advertising copy that not only reflected the brand, but also capitalized on the location.

I am people friendly and enjoy motivating "the troops" with enthusiasm.

Passionate about learning, I even taught myself Latin during my Medieval Art History studies at the University of Geneva, as I believed that it was essential to my research and understanding of the subject!

Forever optimistic, impossible is not part of my vocabulary,


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