Convention for the 30th anniversary of Children’s Rights

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children’s rights

On November 20th, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of children’s rights. Three associations organized a day of celebration and awareness at Place des Nations in Geneva. Four tents, artistic performances, children’s personal testimonies and multiple activities brought light to the cause.

The associations Enfants du Monde, Terre des Hommes and 30 ans des Droits de l’Enfant each had a tent in which we could learn more about children’s rights, how they are respected and children’s activism around the globe.

Indeed, Enfants du Monde‘s tent created an entertaining educational space where they had games focused on rights: analyzing personal testimonies in order to identify them, a memory card game and quizzes. In addition, Terre des Hommes focused on raising awareness of conditions for children inside and outside of the classroom. In fact, it was possible to show how unsafe it is in some countries just going to school thanks to a virtual reality booth called 360° sur le monde. Plus, 30 ans des Droits de l’Enfant created a photo exhibition showing the different conditions faced by children in Geneva and abroad in order to develop solidarity amongst them.

Awareness was also brought onto the stage. A beautiful and powerful contemporary piece by Bolivian and Swiss dancers echoed the voices of children around the world. Just as interesting was a lecture of an illustrated book about the history of children’s rights.

As a reminder of those who fought for children’s rights in the past, the anniversary was successfully celebrated both with children and for them. While the children at the event were happy to celebrate themselves, their voices reminded adults to care about them, their rights and the conditions in which they are growing up. Because children’s rights are human rights!

Ludovic Clement Ludovic Clement

Passionate about education since the age of 12, I got curious about the integration of new technologies within an educational environment while I was subbing in Geneva's primary schools. My curiosity grew so much that I completed a master degree in Teaching and Learning technologies at the University of Geneva. For my thesis, I decided to challenge myself by creating a program that tackles the issues of teaching history for high schools. The goal of my ten-class program was to introduce the main events and issues of the French Revolution to second-year students, with the use of a commercial video game.

This idea of creating content outside the box comes from my deep love for arts, specifically dancing and writing. Trained as a dancer in New York City and Geneva, I use my sensibility to create original content. As a writer, my goal is to defend the rights and the liberty of everyone.

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