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Nowadays, a lot of people at work are dissatisfied by their job, or they are not in the position that they want in the company.


For those in this frame of mind, here are some personal tips to think about to help you be more satisfied at work.


  1. Sleep well to feel good! A lack of sleep is detrimental to your mood at work. It is important, therefore, to sleep well. Each person is unique, and you need to find the right method to improve your sleeping habits that work for you. A good sleep gives you strength, energy, focus, and most importantly, positivity.


  1. People have underestimated the power and simplicity of being straightforward. This means trusting yourself, and learning to respect your limits by saying sometimes ‘no’. Too many people say ‘yes’ to everything, even if they have do not have the time nor the skills to do the job asked. Learning to say no and being honest to colleagues goes a long way to improving work life.


  1. Be realistic. At the start of a new job, we love it and all that it entails. Yet, even if it is a dream job, we can sometimes become disappointed by the experience. Humans are fragile but we must be able to learn from our bad experience, such as trusting yourself. And sometimes the reality is harder than the dream, but we must all learn how to overcome and cope with these situations.


  1. Take time to think before answering. Taking five seconds to think before speaking will allow you to properly assess a situation before rushing headlong into a bad situation that you did not adequately consider.


  1. Set self-motivation as your personal mantra. Self-motivation is fundamental. Aim to work to the best of your abilities, and motivate yourself to always give the best of yourself.


To ‘boost’ your morale and energy, be gentle on yourself. Put limits, not barriers. And finally, respect who you are and trust yourself!

Emmanuel Junior Zouam Emmanuel Junior Zouam

Dans le domaine de la vente depuis à peu près 7 ans, dont 2 ans dans le monde professionnel, ma carte de visite indique que je suis spécialiste du Commerce de détail.

Faire vivre une expérience différente et fidéliser le client sont mes fondamentaux.

Toujours souriant, ayant le contact facile avec les gens, j 'aime découvrir de nouvelles personnes, et j’utilise l'écoute active pour poser la bonne question au bon moment. Je soutiens les gens afin qu'ils définissent leurs besoins et puissent trouver ce qu'ils cherchent vraiment.

J’aime aider mes collègues à développer une stratégie pour cibler les besoins du client, et leurs propres compétences personnelles afin qu'ils puissent communiquer leur valeur ajoutée à l'entreprise.

Efficace dans mon travail, capable de gérer plusieurs tâches à la fois, je me tiens à votre disposition pour plus d’information.

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