A Chinese perception of “IOT”

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wiotcThe term “Internet of Things (IOT)” was first used in 2002.

World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) – an international organization headquartered in Beijing with  branch offices in 20 countries – defines IOT as a multi-functional network that puts all products and goods into a searchable, traceable and controllable system. It is both virtual and reality based.

IOT has changed the way we live and work

IOT is designed to facilitate interaction between people and things, things and things, and things and people. It covers areas such as smart cities, industry, agriculture, military, education, health, aerospace, energy, and logistics. It works through hardware and software technology and tools such as RFID, cloud computing, big data, mass storage and intelligent terminals. The development of IOT is expected to reach its peak in 2020, driving the development of dozens of global economic markets worth trillions of dollars states WIOTC.

Beijing Declaration

WIOTC released a “Beijing Declaration” in 2016 and declared that IOT is leading mankind into a new era – a “wisdom revolution” era – and the 4th revolution in human history of development after the agricultural, industrial and information revolutions. Many developed and developing countries have made their own national action plans on IOT and are trying to seize the opportunity of IOT for their own advantage.

Yet the understanding of IOT differs between nations, resulting in different structures and standards. There is a need, therefore, to define IOT and make clear the function, standards and architecture. This requires ISO, ITU, IOT leading companies and experts from both developed and developing countries take the lead in IOT development and set a world standard system and the game rules together to guide global IOT innovation and development.

IOT Ranking

In both 2017 and 2018, WIOTC released the “World Internet of Things Ranking List (WIOTRL).” Participants in the Committee included UN agencies, industrial organizations, IOT giants, technology experts, and scholars. A number of Swiss companies were selected in the top 500 list of excellence in IOT: ABB Group, AGT International, Martel GmbH, STMicroelectronics, Swie.io, and Swisscom.


World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC)


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Jing LI Jing LI

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