Amazon’s Flying Warehouse

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Warehouses in the sky? Why not!

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, believes an aerial warehouse can deliver items to clients quickly and efficiently with the use of drones. To keep the warehouses afloat, they would be attached to airships at a high altitude.

Pressurized warehouses

According to the patent recently submitted by Amazon, these floating warehouses, called Aerial Fulfillment Centers (AFCs), are intended to be used above metropolitan areas, sitting at a height of around 13,000 metres.

One proposal is that the AFCs could be positioned above sporting or musical events to deliver food or merchandise to spectators. Amazon’s patent states that “perishable items or even prepared meals can be delivered in a timely fashion to a user.”

Apart from using drones to transport packages, there will also be dedicated drones to perform maintenance and deliver fuel for the AFCs.

Amazon does not exclude sending people to work in the flying warehouses. In this event, the AFCs will be pressurized, heated, and have radiation protection fitted to protect the staff.



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