Archipelago – Architectures for the Multiverse

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Archipelago – Architectures for the MultiverseAs a reaction to totalitarian and monolithic thinking, the idea of the archipelago has always had a stronghold on the collective imagination. “Archipelago – Architectures for the Multiverse” taps into this common pool of memories by proposing new ways of kaleidoscopic thinking.

Launch of a new event

Organized by the Geneva schools HEAD and HEPIA, an upcoming series of conferences and workshops returns to this topic once more, taking monolithic “continental” thinking as its main target. Archipelago: Architectures for the Multiverse is the first edition of an event that gathers together three different departments – architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture. Conversations and film screenings will be digitally broadcasted from May 6-8 and complemented by digital and in-person workshops.

What to expect

During the conference curators will invite participants from all different kinds of fields and backgrounds to “sit within a present state of general and perpetual trouble.” Furthermore, by means of “disaffiliated inquiry” and “archipelagic thinking” come to “challenge the assumption that disciplinary concerns within interiors, architecture, and landscape need always to produce material inventions.”

They also propose to think about “what narratives have been canonically excluded or under-represented.” Also, how these different practices can reframe themselves by putting “kinship, collaboration, and mutual care” at the center of the debate. This writer will be following the debate closely and reporting back from the front. Stay tuned. The full program to be found here.

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Quand architecture et musique résonnent by


Archipelago – Architectures for the Multiverse

Tiago Trigo Tiago Trigo

I am an architect, academic and musical host. My passion is related to assemblage, reunion, the handling of matter, tuning in. When considering the effectiveness of a wood joint detail, the use of a specific space, or a four-on-the-floor rhythm, one has to consider similar principles: vibration, expansion, bonding, cooperation, movement. And hence how to bring matter together flows circularly to how do we bring ourselves together. Two identical questions. I try to answer them through architecture and music, which I see as helpful tools for social and cultural change based on mutual aid.
What role have space and sound played in your life?

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