The Little Coaching Dictionary: Being aligned

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When speaking to a life coach or a neuro-programming (NLP) therapist, you can be puzzled by the terminology used. We offer here a series that will allow you to get familiar with this language and even demystify it.


Here is a typical expression of personal development that does not mean being able to stand straight but simply putting your words where your mouth is, in other words being congruent.


Alignment could be seen as an engagement toward yourself, your integrity. A commitment to embrace who you are, respect your values and acting accordingly. It represents the consistency between your statements and your actions.


At a deeper level, it implies daring to be yourself. To do so whatever the society judges and even with no expectation of external recognition or validation. Don’t you find that saying it seems easy, but daring to be yourself and suiting the action to the word is not?


Christel Mesey Christel Mesey

De la découverte de soi à la guérison de l’être - Coach de vie, Maître PNL & Energeticienne
"C’est en apprenant à se connaître que l’on apprend à s’aimer inconditionnellement. C’est par la conscience de soi que l’humain atteint le bien-être et construit son bonheur."

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