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Boost your business with Copywriting – 1. What is Copywriting?

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Actualités | 0 comments

the art and mystery of copywriting

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What is copywriting?

It all starts with a story. It always does.

My name is Georges Savarino and 36 months ago, I reassessed my 20 years spent in finance and real estate. I had no idea of what I was going to do next.

Today I make a living producing high-value-added marketing content.

Particularly by writing.

How did I get there?

My years as a broker and sales agent have certainly helped me a lot. But above all, I trained. I trained a lot. My passion for writing and psychology did the rest.

But passion is just the beginning. I practiced, practiced, and practiced until I perfectly understood…

how to persuade and sell through writing!

Vintage inscription made by old typewriter, Copywriting

There is a name for this: copywriting. And that is what I am going to talk about today.

Is copywriting a magic formula to boost sales?

Nowadays, many web companies are extremely successful. Am I talking about Amazon, Facebook, or Tik-Tok?

Not at all.

I am talking about local companies, such as those based in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, or in the cantons of Valais, Ticino.

These companies do not make the news often. They are discreet. Yet they have sales turnover that makes many competitors in French-speaking Switzerland green with envy.

What is their secret?

We will talk about this a little further on.

First, let us ask ourselves:

  • Are these successful companies selling good products or services? Definitely.
  • Better products or services than their competitors? Not necessarily.
  • Are they responsive and client-oriented? A necessity.
  • A little more so than others? Certainly.

But there is more to these companies than this.

Indeed, these companies have managed to do something that their competitors are not able to accomplish.

They read the minds of their clients and potential clients!

Copywriting is based on science.

At this point, you are perfectly entitled to think that whoever wrote the words you are reading is completely out of his mind and that it is time to move on.

It’s up to you.

However, there is nothing magical or extraordinary about what I am saying here.

All this is based on proven methods, documented by numerous serious scientific studies.

Let’s take an example. Do you know the company Totale Santé based in Lausanne?

Probably not.

This publishing house, however, specializes in independent health information and the sale of works related to well-being. It has seen its results soar for several years now.

How so?

The secret is thus revealed. A secret that no bachelor or master in management degree will ever teach you.

Some facts

First of all, let us look at the following eight facts, which modern psychology and the latest research in neuromarketing have not only observed but also validated:

  1. Prospective clients still read, despite the explosion of images and videos on social networks.
  2. Prospective clients are constantly sort after, and they know it.
  3. Prospective clients do not act rationally despite what they consciously say or think.
  4. Prospective clients act and decide primarily on an emotional and unconscious basis; only later do they consciously formalize and rationalize, retrospectively, in order to justify their choices.
  5. Prospective clients rarely, if ever, know what they want.
  6. Prospective clients are looking for a solution to an issue, the acuteness of which they consciously or unconsciously perceive.
  7. Prospective clients need help, your help. They need YOU!
  8. Prospective clients are human, and every human loves a story.

Based on these eight key elements, you can build an editorial marketing strategy by producing written content that both informs and sells.

Copywriting is an art.

How to produce such content?

Let us go back to Totale Santé. Why is this company so successful while operating in an extremely competitive niche?

The answer is simple.

First of all, the marketing/sales teams at Totale Santé know perfectly how to tell stories and make a case.

Moreover, they know how to write simply, quickly, and efficiently. They do not spend three days choosing what shade of green they need for the cover of the next published book published, or what font they are going to use for their next alternative medicine newsletter.

They prefer to devote their time and energy to:

  • developing marketing campaigns that have an impact and that persuade,
  • writing texts that grip their readers,
  • and creating compelling offers. They get straight to the point.

But if all this works, it is above all because the marketing and sales teams at Totale Santé are mainly made up of copywriters. They know perfectly their market, their clients, their prospects, and the products they have to sell.

So what is Copywriting?

As you can see, copywriting is primarily the art of writing to sell.

But copywriting is also the art of convincing through writing.

It is an extremely powerful tool. Better still, it is a subtle elixir that has a profound psychological effect on the reader.

If used properly, copywriting will not only turn your potentials clients into clients but it will also:

  • Turn one-off clients into regular and loyal clients.
  • Convert loyal clients into fans and true evangelists of your products and your brand across social networks.
  • Transform your fans into salespeople and business drivers.

We will see all this more concretely in the next article.

Then you will know why your business needs excellent copywriting.

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