Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017

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From June 13th to June 15th of this year, over 68,000 visitors flocked to Los Angeles to attend the 2017 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo – called E3, for short.

E3 is one of the main yearly happenings of the video game industry. Arguably the largest and most important event of the year, it hosts conferences and booths for developers from all around the world.

The leading businesses of the industry use this event as an opportunity to unveil upcoming products, such as new games and hardware. Many look forward to press conferences from the biggest names in game development and publishing. They are broadcast live and watched all over the world by professionals and fans alike.

The main events are usually dedicated to the current video game giants. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft present their new hardware and the most anticipated projects to be released on their platforms. Most notably, the 2017 edition of E3 saw the official presentation of the upgrade to Microsoft’s current gaming and home entertainment system: the X-Box One X, an impressive piece of hardware that will be released this November.

The world’s largest and best known developers and publishers also have their own conferences. This includes the French multinational Ubisoft, the American ZeniMax subsidiary Bethesda, and EA, an American multinational whose international headquarters are located in Geneva. This years’ highlights included the presentation of a collaborative project between Ubisoft and Nintendo – a game titled “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” – as well as the unveiling of “Anthem”, a brand new game from acclaimed developer BioWare that will be published by EA.

Once E3 is over, the professionals of the industry prepare for the other two big events of the year: Gamescom (held in August in Köln, Germany) and the Tokyo Game Show (held in September in Tokyo, Japan).


Sources: Live broadcasts of E3 2017 press conferences: http://www.ign.com/wikis/e3/Attendance_and_Stats

Image: Official E3 logo


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