Forbes: 30 under 30 Immigrants

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While there are many ideas about refugees and immigrants being a burden to host countries and communities, Forbes is sharing a list that counters these misconceptions.

Its annual lists of “30 under 30” present the brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers, 600 in total. Besides immigrants, other “30 under 30” lists include Celebrities, Education, Law and Policy, and more.

According to Forbes’ list, one in seven of these under-30s immigrated to the U.S.

Below is a breakdown of where they came from:

  • 23% from the Americas; 65.2% from Canada
  • 41% from Europe; 26.8% from United Kingdom
  • 48% from Asia; 35.4% from China
  • 9% from Africa; 44.4% from South Africa
  • 16% from South Asia; 87.5% from India
  • 23% from East Asia; 73.9% from China

At a time when immigration policies are hotly debated, this proves that refugees and immigrants can provide cultural and socioeconomic wealth in the long-run.




30 Under 30 2017- Immigrants:

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Mariam Ismail Mariam Ismail

My career is grounded in outreach and communications in the humanitarian sector, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa. The first involves designing and implementing humanitarian projects for international organisations; the second is communicating that action to stakeholders. I am always up for new challenges in English, Arabic ,Somali…and even français!
Whatever the challenge I face though, it is essential that my work preserves the human element. So, I am now exploring innovation and the impact of using social media on humanitarian action in emergency situations to make our actions more visible to the public.


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