GBN Podcast: Chris Samuel

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podcast Chris Samuel

Welcome to Bon Matin!, a GBN podcast. GBN is a collaborative platform that draws on the multicultural richness of its experts. Our articles are enriched by diverse arguments in the spirit of Geneva, a very international city, where we investigate and write outside the box. GBN is your partner for any information concerning the state of the employment market in Geneva, where, in a constantly changing environment, our mission is to build an interactive platform. Through Bon Matin! you will discover the many unique portraits that make us a vibrant and unique community.

In today’s episode, Chris Samuel, a Graphic Designer working in GBN’s Communications and Multimedia departments, chats with Jasmine about tequila, dog toys, and making days better for yourself and those around you, among other things…and why someone would drop everything in New York and move to Geneva overnight!


You can find this podcast and all other episodes here.

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