Home Delivery Services: Shopping in the Days of Social Distancing

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Delivery Man with boxes. Home delivery ServicesOnce upon a time, home delivery services were a luxury afforded to those privileged individuals with cushy incomes. However, with experts firmly recommending social distancing and self-isolation as the strongest measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19, home delivery services have become essential for everyone, across income levels. Once we get past the shock of remaining inside our homes for an indefinite period of time, the operational part of the brain starts racing: how will we perform basic tasks like grocery shopping when we are quarantined? How can we still participate in supporting businesses that are aligned with our values around environmental, social and nutritional sustainability?

As the war against COVID-19 wages on, our awareness of the struggles small business owners and entrepreneurs face in an economy during quarantine is also heightened. Wanting to do my part in supporting the people behind these businesses and the economy (which we all need to remain strong), I turned to social media, inquiring with friends and colleagues about sustainability-centered* local businesses I could support during these unstable times. As a result, I was able to connect to an awesome list of goods and services being provided by small businesses throughout Switzerland.

Do you know of other producers/resources that belong on this list?  Let us know in the comments!


Home Delivery Services: Food

Delivery Across Switzerland: Farmy, Ugly Fruits + Mahler & Co.

Green Farmy Logo white background Home delivery services

Delivery all over Switzerland of local producers.


Ugly Fruits logo and link to page. Carrot legs with crown and pink boots. Home delivery services

Organic fruits and vegetables, delivered throughout Switzerland.


Brown and white Mahler & Co. Logo and Link to page. Home delivery services

Organic food delivery in Switzerland by Mahler & Co.

Delivery in Vaud: Culti-shop

Culti-shop logo and link to website.

Fruit and vegetable market in Canton Vaud.

Delivery in Vevey: Rataouille

Asparagus in Ratatouille.ch packaging with link to website. Home delivery services

Have your spices delivered by ratatouille.ch, located in Vevey.

Delivery in Valais: Fraicheur de votre jardin

 Blue Fraicheur de votre jardin bag of fresh fruits and vegetables and link to website. Home delivery services

Enjoy fresh, regional food delivery, direct from Fraicheur de votre jardin.

Delivery in Neuchâtel: Label Bleu

Label Bleu logo and link to website. Basket of fresh fruits, vegetable, milk and wine. "E" in "Bleu" is "eating" the "u". Home delivery services

Enjoy food delivery from Label Bleu, bringing you fresh, local products.

Delivery in Jura-Nord Vaudois: Paniers de la ferme

Paniers de la ferme purple and green lettuce field. Home delivery services

Paniers de la ferme delivers fresh goods twice per week, on Mondays and Fridays.

Delivery in Jura: Juralégumes

Juralégumes photo hands holding seedling in dirt. Home delivery services

Family-owned fresh vegetable farm located in Courgenay.

Delivery in Arc lémanique: VitaVerDura

Vita Verdura fresh food and drinks basket. Home delivery services

Vita Verdura delivers high-quality, fresh produce and locally-sourced items directly to your door.

Delivery in Geneva: Espace Terroir, Magic Tomato, Aux Beau Fruits

Green and brown Espace Terroir logo. Tagline: Le goût de la proximité. Home delivery services

Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, delivered straight to your door.

Monsieur Tomato wearing hat with matching green boots and cape, Magic Tomato logo. Home delivery services

Magic Tomato offers free delivery and recycling service.


Aux Beau Fruits delivery in Geneva. Contact them by phone at: 076 319 2672 

Meal Kit Providers (delivery throughout Switzerland): Hello Fresh, Beyond Food

Hello Fresh box on table of fresh food and meat with recipes. Home delivery services

Hello Fresh delivers food ingredients and recipes direct, to your door.

Beyond Food bag with fresh meat and vegetables with recipe. Home delivery services

Locally-based meal-kit service, delivering everywhere between Geneva and Lausanne.

Miscellaneous Food:

Yamo full line of products, drinks and solid foods.

Yamo provides organic baby food for the little ones in your life.



Vertical Coffee Roasters black and white logo.

Vertical Coffee Roasters provides fresh coffee beans.




Vertical Coffee Roasters black and white logo. Home delivery services

Legends Pies delivers frozen sweet and savory “heat and eat” pies across Switzerland.

Fresh Fruits logo, black and white with yellow, pink and purple fruits. Home delivery services

Fruit Frais (fresh fruits) available year-round.



Black and Red Genève Terroir Logo. Home delivery services

Order directly from local producers via Genève Terroir.

Gold Bourcherie du Palais logo on black background with link to website.

Butcher shop located in Carouge, delivering throughout Geneva and local surroundings.

Les Ibériques Logo on White background.

Les Ibériques delivers authentic Spanish products, throughout Switzerland.







Home Delivery Service: Drink/Beverage

Brasserie Tonnebière viking drinking beer from barrel opened with an ax.

The artisanal beer producer Tonnebiere is delivering beers in Jura, Neuchâtel and Bern.

Domaine des Champs Lingot table setting.

Quality wines from Geneva. Free wine delivery from 6 bottles in Geneva and 12 bottles in Switzerland.

FMR Beer can: buvez pour vos droits, red, white and blue radio lightning background.

Artisanal beers from Vaud delivered all over Switzerland.

Additional products/services:

Free online advice and services for skincare and beauty regimens. 

*Although every provider on this list may not work directly in sustainability, each is a local business.  Choosing to support their business with your patronage is still choosing to participate in supporting economic sustainability.

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