Tips for an impressive LinkedIn profile

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Impressive Linkedin

You may have heard…sharing is caring!

Sharing your knowledge is a great thing to do. You do not have to be a wordsmith to share your tips and advice. You can share things that can be helpful for your targeted audience. Provide something that actually helps them to get to know you more. Your LinkedIn posts are a good opportunity for others to learn more about you and what you do.

Yet there is much more you can do to personalise your Linkedin page and make it look more impressive!


Add personal touches to your LinkedIn profile

It makes you more human! Use parts of your personal life and add posts that are intriguing to enhance how others view you. People only take quick glances at profiles and a striking headline will make them read further. On this page LinkedIn shows good examples for professional profiles, and here you can find some  examples for students with limited professional



Maximise keywords on your profile

A good way to increase the number of views on your LinkedIn profile is to apply effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Adding keywords strategically throughout your profile will increase the chances of being found. Erin Urban’s Practical Guide to powerful keywords has interesting tips to show you more.


Follow the most influential leaders and companies in your professional feild

Not only will you see their posts and get inspired, it also helps you to start interacting and educating yourself. If someone you follow posts news on their page it will also be posted on your activity feed increasing your exposure and providing you with regular insights!


Use a QR code

Each LinkedIn user has a unique QR code. You can open the app on your mobile device and find the small QR icon on the right side of the search bar. You can use this code on your CV or business card without using any URL. By scanning this code with the camera of any iOS or Android device, anyone can go immediately to your Linkedin profile.

For more information on QR codes, please visit this page.


Photo credit : Clark Tibs via Unsplash

Adeleh Mojtahed Adeleh Mojtahed

My career is grounded in Coordinating Projects and Digital Communication.
This involves designing and putting the project scope into action while communicating the objectives to stakeholders. As a strategic thinker, I have the ability to identify client needs and work methodically to deliver solutions.
With proven experience in developing and delivering projects in the international humanitarian, IT and communications fields with multicultural teams, my approach at work is to break down complex problems and apply PRINCE2, Agile or SCRUM management methodologies depending on the culture of the company.

Growing up in a diplomatic family and working in different countries with different cultures made me at ease in communicating with people, understanding their needs and building collaborative relationships.

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