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Marketing News: Union coffee develops microlot produced exclusively by women

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Actualités | 0 comments

Coffee beansLondon-based Union Hand-Roasted Coffee has developed a Rwandan coffee microlot, which is made exclusively by female producers.

The coffee industry in Rwanda is very much male dominated. Union is supporting women by ensuring that they have access to equal ownership and employment. Union’s goal is to empower women in every aspect of the coffee supply chain.

Union works with coffee cooperatives in Rwanda, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Ethiopia, all of which have women in senior positions, from coffee tasters to mangers.

Pascale Schuit, Union’s coffee sourcing and sustainable relationship manager, says that the company sees an intrinsic link between sustainable best practice and the quality of its coffee. Union guarantees payment of at least twenty five percent above the Fairtrade minimum price. The company is also working alongside coffee growing communities to increase the quality and quantity of their yield and improve working conditions.

Investing in sustainable equality

The company regularly visits origin countries in order to build better relationships with producers and ensure its strict standards are being met. Schuit adds that there are still challenges to overcome but that she is happy to see women on the boards of the cooperatives with which they work. “Historically this hasn’t always been the case and we are hoping this positive trend will continue.”

Photo: Pixabay

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