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Cirque Starlight 2019: “Perspective,” the perfect Easter Entertainment

Wondering what to do over Easter in Geneva? Currently, the Cirque Starlight are performing in Geneva until the 22 April at Plainpalais. This is an event not to be missed.

Cirque Starlight was founded in 1987 by Jocelyne and Heinrich Gasser, 4th generation of the Gasser dynasty, one of the oldest circus families in Switzerland. Formerly a traditional circus with animals, the Cirque Starlight today creates contemporary shows with talented artists from around the world.

This year, Cirque Starlight presents you a new chapter of their body of work titled “Perspective”. The creator of the concept, Christopher D. Gasser promises to take us all on a “journey full of surprises” or in his own words a journey that will allow us to “escape the monotony of life.”

This is guaranteed to be a good time and full of good laughter so this Easter do not miss out and hurry on to Cirque Starlight for tickets and performance times.



Starlight Perspective – Perspective, Geneva Tourism

Starlight, un nouveau chapitre, Cirque Starlight

Cirque Starlight, Wikipedia

Photo: Cirque Starlight

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