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ReLive the Vibe – Behind the Scenes is Geneva Business News’ brand new podcast show (available on YouTube and Spotify) that talks about the ReVibe Music Festival, organised in 2021.

New episode with festival founder Ashleigh Armstrong

Our first guest and festival founder Ashleigh Armstrong is back for the second part of her conversation in the podcast show Relive the Vibe – Behind the Scenes. Ashleigh Armstrong manages the Communications department at Geneva Business News and has an extensive background in community building, social entrepreneurship, and content creation. In 2021, she organised the ReVibe Music Festival, a virtual event that showcased amazing local bands and artists from Geneva´s electropop scene.

In this episode, Ashleigh continues to share her personal story of how the ReVibe Music Festival became a reality and discusses all the fun and surprising elements of launching a virtual event like this. She highlights the many creative minds and talents that worked on the festival and explains how great teamwork is fundamental to delivering any successful project.

For anyone who is curious to know how it feels to go live with a large-scale virtual project or wants to get advice on how to plan an online event, this episode offers a great opportunity to learn valuable insights as Ashleigh takes us on a true backstage experience and shares some of the most important lessons learned from the festival experience.

Tune in to the podcast show and explore the rest of Ashleigh’s personal journey from scratchboard to stage lights!

ReLive the Vibe – a podcast that goes behind the scenes of a virtual music festival

In a series of exciting episodes, the podcast will talk to the creative masterminds that made the festival a reality. From graphic design to project management, copywriting, festival production, social media management, and many more aspects that are involved in such a creative and cross-departmental project. Listeners and viewers (yes, this is also a video podcast!) will be treated to a unique backstage experience as the festival organizers will share all the crazy, fun, and challenging details of organizing an event like this.

For anyone interested in launching a music festival or an online event or just curious about promotion and communication in general, the new podcast show ReLive the Vibe provides an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the best talents in the industry!

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