Printemps de la danse: April 2 & 9

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The spring has blossomed early this year, bringing us a generous amount of warmth. This year, our Geneva spring is even richer because of the festival Printemps de la danse.

From 26 March, the festival is hosting six choreographic works by different artists spread over three weekends at the Salle Communale Jean-Jacques Gautier, Chêne-Bourgeries.

For those who missed the first weekend, you still have the chance to see the festival on the weekends of the 2nd and the 9th April, appreciating the beauty of movement creativity of choreographers followed by music concerts.

Nathanaël Marie

I am pleased to present to you an exceptionally talented choreographer and dancer, and organizer of this beautiful festival, Nathanaël Marie.

Nathanael Marie is an International dancer and choreographer. He has worked for 20 years for ballet companies including at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, the national ballet of Marseille, the Danish Dance Theater, and many others.

He is the interpreter of about fifty different productions and performed more than a thousand times on stage.

Nathanaël Marie

He developed his vision of movement through different disciplines. Trained in classical and contemporary dance but has also practiced martial arts and street dance, which gives diversity in the expression of his movement.

Marie has created choreography for different festivals and dance companies and conducted workshops in Santa Barbara, Cape Town, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Beijing, Macau, and Geneva.

From 2004, he worked in Marseille, teaching choreography to young people. In his own words, “From then on, I proposed to festivals my first “young choreographer evenings,” which I composed by highlighting the work of other creators and my own. With all the human potential of my young dancers, this four-year adventure confirmed their vocation and gave me a unique experience and a love for the front and back of the stage.”

Working independently since 2019, Marie continues to transmit his vision of movement to young dancers in Europe, developing his creations or participating in those of others, such as the “Noces” at the Paris Opera.

Furthermore, he helps athletes in their physical preparation and employs different disciplines in his workshops according to the needs of his clients.

Let’s celebrate the world of movement together, letting the dance and music into our hearts.

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