Real-Events: Starting from the bottom to the top!

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How does a company look while it grows? For this, let us cast our attention to Real Events. The company began four years ago in Adeline and Cyril Gautier’s garage. As the company grew, operations moved to their leaving room. Nowadays, Real Events not only has an agency in Geneva, but since September 2017, an agency in Paris.


Who was behind this growth?

Adeline has over 20 years’ experience in the event industry. She collaborates closely with corporate companies and is very client oriented, loves a challenge and is passionate about her work. Cyril concentrates on logistics and strategy and what happens in the office.

Together they create a flexible, strong and focused team representing the best practices of event coordinators.

GBN had the privilege to speak to the founders to gain a better insight into their company.


The Challenge of Creating Real Events

“Firstly, if you want to create a lasting company, then you are confronted with finance issues, and there are many rules for  start-ups when it comes to financial support. Also, in the beginning, because of a lack of staff, we had to do everything ourselves and put aside personal life.”

In order to make a profit, they had to be multi-tasking and execute all the tasks themselves.

Due to a strong relationship with clients, knowledge of the field, and understanding the needs of corporate companies to convey the right information, Real Events grew. The devotion they put into each event gained the trust of their clients and increased their reputation.


Who Works at Real Events?

 At Real Events, “the human value, the education and the behavior is very important rather than a specific profile.”


Staff need to be able to communicate with people from different backgrounds, which is why education is important.

Adeline and Cyril trust people who want a new start in their career. Potential employees must be ready to do as they do, and “be fully involved and ready to freak.”

At the same time, and as a second nature, Adeline makes a lot of effort to nurture the development – both personal and professional – of the current employees.

They are always looking for new ways to bring more value to each project and keep the loyalty of customers.

“Companies are not ready for changes, they like to stick with what they know, they do not like risk.” The Real Events team are generally millenniums; as in they like change, they like new technologies, and want to show the potential of these technologies to their clients.

Over the years, due to the hard work of Adeline and Cyril – through showing a level of corporate knowledge and initiative to get things done above expectations – more and more companies are now starting to listen and let Real Events take the initiative while meeting the high standards and efficiency clients have always enjoyed.


Satisfaction and Howard

“When you own your own company you have a lot of challenges that you have to tackle every day. Imagine – organizing events is one of the top three most stressful jobs. You do not really have time to enjoy the event because you already are thinking about the next project. Basically, you never stop!”

What, therefore, is the satisfaction? The answer is client satisfaction. Adeline’s best memory was, “when a CEO of a company who usually leaves right after the dessert stayed and danced.”


Would you do it again?

 “Without hesitation, yes.”

To realize their dream, however, they had to do everything without fear and go beyond their limits. “You must be able to say to yourself ‘everything can fall down,’ but this feeling should not restrain yourself but use it to strengthen and challenge yourself.”

Focus on the future and on the results, strive for excellent communication, innovation, newness, originality and use them every single day in order to keep clients!


Here are a few tips for you

Real Events’ owners provided some final advice for all those thinking of getting into the event organization field. “First of all, don’t do this job if you are not crazy and open-minded as we are. Don’t do it alone, do it with someone reliable who can cover your back, support you in any case and have a good team of people ready to give their best every day.”

Real Events’ strength rests with Adeline and Cyril, who are willing to do more than expected by clients. They are always looking for new targets to reach and have an expert knowledge about their corporate clients and also the services that they can provide.


Cedric Fidele Cedric Fidele

As an Event Coordinator, I have managed the development and implementation of different projects from workshops, round tables or courses, to forums and events with over 1,000 participants.

I am involved in every stage of the process from planning and delivery to post-event follow up. In every situation, though one thing is always present: my focus on top quality client service in French and English. How do I do this?


Listening - so I fully understand the needs of my clients
Communicating - creating and building relationships so I can effectively convey what the client wants
Organizing - planning ahead and being proactive to ensure we respect our deadlines

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