The Little Coaching Dictionary: Resource

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When speaking to a life coach or a neuro-programming (NLP) therapist, you can be puzzled by the terminology used. We offer here a series that will allow you to get familiar with this language and even demystify it.


So what really is a resource?

A resource is a capacity you possess, a tool that you can access to when you need it.

A resource can be active or passive. The passive resource is mostly unconscious and only asks to be seen and recognized to be activated.

Typically, a passive or sleeping resource brought to your awareness can become a strength and can even allow you to solve difficulties or problems.

Here we mainly talk about your capacity to manage your stress, to calm down, to find your own life or working rhythm, grow your courage; it is about energy renewment.

Many resources come from your experience, which allows you to build yourself a wonderful life toolbox through the years to create a balanced and successful life.

Christel Mesey Christel Mesey

De la découverte de soi à la guérison de l’être - Coach de vie, Maître PNL & Energeticienne
"C’est en apprenant à se connaître que l’on apprend à s’aimer inconditionnellement. C’est par la conscience de soi que l’humain atteint le bien-être et construit son bonheur."

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