The Connected Event: Geneva Digital Fair 2018

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l'evenement connecté logoThe annual digital fair that brought together eCom Genève, Swiss IT Business, and SMARC Genève (Salon du Marketing, de la Communication et de la Relation Client) took place on 24 -25 April at Palexpo conference centre. GBN attended to keep abreast of the latest trends in the digital marketplace.

There were 4,104 visiters to this years fair, a 10 percent increase from last year, with many extremely positive comments on the event.

Swiss IT Business

The IT fair occupied the largest percentage of space. Exhibitors varied widely but many concentrated on cyber security and data protection, data encryption and banking software.

Most companies now propose complete consultancy services, which include secure data storage. From accounting firms to marketing startups, the trend towards cloud storage is clear.

One of the most interesting exhibitions was the demonstration of a cooling system for large computer servers, where the entire server was immersed in oil to dissipate the heat as opposed to the conventional fan method.

Ecom and SMARC

Most exhibitors proposed comprehensive marketing and digitalization services on a monthly subscription basis. Marketing company trends leaned towards e-reputation and analysis of data. Many companies now propose SEO services to improve visibility. These services are proposed on an ongoing basis for multi-nationals or as one-off training for smaller companies.

Conferences and round table talks

The conferences had enormous success at the fair. Eleven conference spaces and two demonstration spaces offered talks throughout the two days of the fair.

The Google Lounge was particularly popular, with the company offering training sessions for its products. These included beginners and advanced sessions for Google Analytics, 360, and Adwords.

As of 2019, the fair will rebrand itself under the new name l’evenement connecté (the LEC).

Gary Engelbrecht Gary Engelbrecht

An entrepreneurial thinker and strategist whose major skills are communication, creativity and coordination. Developing a project and accompanying it to the end through efficiency, ingenuity, vision and expertise are personal and professional motivations. Current projects are focusing on marketing, social media and events.

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