The Fashion Butterfly: Part 1

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representing the fashion butterfly

Dear readers, I am excited to introduce FASHION BUTTERFLY, a new section from Geneva Business News!


FASHION BUTTERFLY aims to tell her story about all the hot topics in the fashion industry. We will look at what forces are creating change, evolution, and transformation, and use our new fashion wings to reach new heights … about all the trends and challenges pushing her out of her comfort zone – out of her fashion cocoon!


She will seek to understand more about Fashion Hyper consumption and Sustainability. She will look at Fast Industries like Fast Moving Consumer Goods ( FMCG) & Fashion to find commonalities and differences to learn from each other’s good practices. She will explore how Luxury can continue driving premium in difficult times, but also how technology can transform the Fashion Industry and much more…  FASHION BUTTERFLY will seek answers in different gardens through speaking to consumers & industry experts…!



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Betty Karastatira Betty Karastatira

I believe Winning means Evolving Continuously! As a passionate Marketing & Consumer Research expert with 16 years of experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), I have the skill and experience to unveil deep consumer insights and translate them into actionable business growth. The passion for Fashion & Luxury, fashion studies and mentoring fashion entrepreneurs leads me to the FASHION BUTTERFLY section. The objective to dive deeply into what causes change in fashion, making her evolve, transform, pushing her out of her comfort zone or her … Fashion cocoon!

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