The Little Coaching Dictionary: Comfort Zone

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When speaking to a life coach or a neuro-programming (NLP) therapist, you can end up confused by the words used. We are offering you here a series to allow you to get familiar with the language and even demystify it.


A comfort zone is a familiar situation or an environment. You know through this familiarity how something works, the behaviour that is expected from you and what you could expect to feel.

This environment or situation provokes in someone a sense of reassurance and safety at a conscious or subconscious level.

There is no judgment on the quality of the comfort zone but a realisation that that being in a situation you know, even if it is a bad one, can sometimes be more reassuring than a change. As a matter of fact, change for many is often scarier than remaining in the known.

Here, we have to take a hard look at ourselves when we complain about our misery to see if we could change something by choosing change… But what if a change could be for the better? Could it be worth a step out of your comfort zone? What if only fear was blocking us, could we find some support to overcome it?


Illustration by Christel Mesey – Life coach, NLP Master practitioner, Healer, Intuitive Artist & Author of Drao Oracle Deck


Christel Mesey

Christel Mesey

I truly believe that when you get how your body, emotions and mind co-work with you, you reach a new level of ownership of your life. This leads you to build a joyful life full of opportunities and wonders.

I approach personal development through the lens of curiosity and the spirit of a treasure hunter. For me, each of us bears gems and wonders - some need to learn how to see their potential, others will need support to own their genius. Seeing my clients embracing their projects and their being is magical and inspires me every time.

It is through my 10 years of humanitarian work in Africa, Asia and Europe, that I discovered my passion for knowledge transmission and coaching. I am a certified trainer and NLP Master practitioner, life coach as well as energy healer.

My journey has led me to create personal growth tools and workshops that are also available online. These tools offer support and assist all individuals looking for self-discovery and growth. One of my best selling personal development tools is Drao Oracle, a personal development deck of cards, which is getting great reviews all over the world.

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