The Little Coaching Dictionary: The inner judge

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Popular in the coaching or psychological world, the idea of the ‘inner judge’ is the inner voice or the inner thinking process that whispers to you negative thoughts internally, such as, you are not enough, you make too many mistakes, or you will never achieve your dreams.

For some, this ‘inner judge’ also comes out in their speech with statements such as I’m stupid, I’m so dumb, I’m a failure, I’m a fool, I’m clumsy

What is the impact of using this inner language? For one’s self-confidence or self-value, it is destructive. It puts you down and contributes to reinforcing the belief that you are not up to a task.

If you are amongst those who to put themselves down constantly, take a moment to imagine how you would feel if someone addressed you in the same way? Would it not make you feel sad?

How you treat yourself defines how others will treat you

Self-inflicted insults hurt, and they obviously lower your self-esteem bit by bit. Worse, they get picked up by the people to whom you voice them to. They in turn then treat you as you treat yourself – you have implanted the idea in their subconscious that you do not deserve respect or to be treated fairly.

If you do not respect yourself, do not expect that others will respect you. They are merely subconsciously listening and following your lead.

Christel Mesey

Christel Mesey

I truly believe that when you get how your body, emotions and mind are co-working with you, you reach a new level of ownership of your life. It leads you to build a joyful life full of opportunities and wonders.?

I approach personal development through the lens of curiosity and the spirit of a treasure hunter. For me each of us bears gems and wonders, some need to learn how to see their potential other will need support to own their genius. Seeing my clients embracing their projects and their being is magical and inspires me every time.

It is through my 10 years of humanitarian work in both Africa, Asia and Europe, that I discovered my passion for knowledge transmission and coaching. I am a certified trainer and NLP Master practitioner, life coach as well as energy healer.

My journey led me to create personal growth tools and workshops that were recently made available online. These tools offer support and assist all individuals looking for self discovery and growth. One of my best selling personal development tool is Drao Oracle, a personal development deck, which is getting great reviews all over the world.

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