What about Energy Transition?

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assises energy 2018

Grand Genève – an organization dedicated to cross-border cooperation and project – hosted the 19th edition of the European Energy Transition Conference. The overall aim of the conference was to share knowledge on how to achieve the aims of the energy transition and increase regional cooperation between Geneva and the surrounding areas.


Some of the event sessions included
• Adapting the fight against climate change
• Economic theories of energy transition
• Private and public funding
• Energy storage
• Air quality

Also prominent at the conference were many examples of regional strategies for energy transition from communities in France, Spain and Germany.
Additionally, much of the conference was given over to ‘Inspirations’ where examples of community and bottom-up success stories were shared to inspire others and show what can be achieved.
A large coordination of events also took place across neighboring France, Geneva and Vaud. Called Le Off, its purpose was to increase community involvement in energy transition and raise awareness of the possibilities of saving energy.

Village TransitionThe European Energy Transition Conference can be seen as a big brainstorming session to share knowledge and best practices as highlighted by stakeholder’s presentation. Talking about energy transition is not only about energy savings, but also the social impact and involvement of citizens in changing their behavior.
Only time will tell if this sharing of knowledge can lead to energy transition. Our future though depends on it.

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Maria-Isabel Haroon-Perez Maria-Isabel Haroon-Perez

As an expert in project management, my added value is my varied background. I have the inter-disciplinary expertise your project needs. In other words, the skills, knowledge and experience to analyse the relationships between humans and their natural, social and built environments.

By doing this, I shape your project and evaluate its impact on the end-user – individuals or organisations in the public or private sector – and then take this feedback to evaluate and propose solutions for how the project needs to evolve.

At the same time, I also act as a translator between experts and non-experts, for example between specialists developing new technologies in IT, architecture or urban planning and the client. I listen to everyone involved in the project and develop a common vocabulary to help meet the goals of the project.

La gestion de projet est pour moi l’opportunité d’intégrer de manière transversale mes compétences en tant que coordinatrice, analyste et coach. Mon objectif est de pouvoir transposer cette expérience interdisciplinaire dans mes domaines de prédilection que sont l’architecture, l’urbanisme et les nouvelles technologies. Leur imbrication dans la société du 21ème siècle représente un défi que j’aime analyser ; cela me permet de mieux comprendre les relations entre les humains et leur environnement naturel, social et urbain.
Ma capacité d’écoute me permet de jouer le rôle de traductrice entre toutes les personnes impliquées dans le projet, et de développer un vocabulaire commun, favorable à l’atteinte des objectifs communs
Par conséquent, je peux vous aider soit pour :
• La modélisation de votre projet et son accompagnement .
• Votre transition vers le monde digital.
• Votre migration vers de nouvelles technologies ou applications

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