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When the going gets tough, the tough get going

by | Mai 14, 2020 | Divers | 0 comments


When the going gets tough, the tough get going (attrib. John Thomas, football coach, 1953).

Difficult situations happen. Our personal attitude for survival though helps motivate us to move forward, no matter what.

The world is facing hard times, and this pandemic is affecting everyone’s lives not only economically, but also emotionally and mentally. It is when we are unable to change circumstances, however, that we start to realize what really matters.

Working for others

Hats off to the many who took the initiative to organize food donations, charity, and other means of helping the less fortunate.

Many of us have come to the realization that our work is nothing compared to the frontline medical staff who have no choice but to perform their duty according to the Hippocratic Oath they took at the start of their careers. They are risking their own health for the sake of others, and it is pure bravery.

And it is heartbreaking though to see other countries trying to cope with the pandemic. We are powerless to help everyone. Yet when we learn to be sensitive and a bit more compassionate to others’ difficult situations is when we are able to give truly without asking anything in return.

However, though many of us are confined and disconnected from the outside world, many have seen it as a valuable opportunity to spend quality time with our family.

Coping, adjusting and dealing

But what strikes me most during this situation is our capability to adjust, to cope, and to deal with what is going on. We are all experiencing hardships. Monetary and emotional needs particularly are not being met. I have seen in others panic and fear of getting infected or sick.

Yet, when we think we won’t be able to survive without going out for weeks and contenting ourselves with what’s left in the kitchen, we astonish ourselves that actually we can cope. When we feel we are losing our minds to boredom, suddenly another outlet for entertainment presents itself. And I have seen humor flourish in the midst of sadness and fear. While we can all appreciate the means of communication available to stay in touch with others, many have also been able to appreciate the quietness and simplicity of life this situation has forced on us.

Fight and adapt

We are born to survive, and we are capable of overcoming whatever comes our way.  Some of us have a Supreme power that gives us the strength, the will, and hope for survival. We can fight this, we need to accept what cannot be changed and move forward with what is left for us to live with.

The world may not be the same anymore after this pandemic. Life will go on, we will move on and prepare ourselves for whatever will come next. For when the going gets tough, the tough get going.


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