Why millennials prefer their content online

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A new report has been launched that looks at how millennials interact with technology and product branding, whether B2B or B2C.

Researched by SDL, their report – Making your Content Connect with the Next Generation – states that B2B millennials search for products online more than any other generation.

For example, they found that, when making purchasing decisions, 41 percent of millennials use online tutorials, 33 percent use Q&A documentation and 27 percent use community content.

SDL is a global innovator in services and content management, language translation technology and digital experience.

Arjen van den Akker, Director Product Marketing at SDL, said, “Millennials grew up on digital, and are accustomed to having instant access to any information they want. They don’t expect to flip through a paper manual or even download a PDF…This means brands need to offer easy to access, high-quality technical content in multiple languages, optimized for search and delivered across multiple formats. Brands must support this new way of engaging with customers by evolving and improving the way they create, manage, and deliver content.”

Digital content has become essential in attracting millennials and branding has moved from the traditional brick and mortar into an experiential process, one that combines an omnichannel effort, bringing the right content through the right channels to those interested in the brand.

Source: https://marcommnews.com/sdl-research-confirms-millennials-want-access-to-technical-content-before-purchasing/

Photo credit: geralt via  pixabay

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