7,831 seconds is the time to beat

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official log of Harmony Geneve marathon for Unicef

Two hours 10 minutes and 31 seconds equals 7,837 seconds, and is also Kenyan William Yegon’s record time for the Geneva Marathon, which he set in 2017 race. Yegon’s time was fastest ever in Switzerland.

This year’s race will take place on the 5 – 6 May. The course has been slightly altered from previous years though, and will be flatter, allowing runners to keep a more constant pace. An incredible fifty percent of runners in the 2017 race achieved a personal best time thanks to the course profile and perfect weather conditions. Organisers are confident that this year will be no different.

Thousands of runners from 120 countries will take part in eight races held during the two-day event. Races range from 1 kilometre for children to the full 42.2 kilometre marathon for seasoned runners.

Geneva’s Jardin Anglais has been transformed into a marathon village for the weekend and will host plenty of activities for runners and non-runners alike. More than thirty partners and exhibitors will be present in the village.

Since 2010, the Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef has raised funds to install 483 water pumps in developing countries and countries requiring emergency services, providing access to safe drinking water to thousands of children and their families.

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