Dear Switzerland: A time to reflect

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Dear Switzerland…

Imagine writing a letter in support or to comfort your loved one during a particularly strange or difficult time.

What could you say and what would you say? Would you try to be honest, objective, sincere, or blunt?

One letter to us all

Imagine then a letter to a country. A varied one, with many different languages, cultures, and history but strong because of its diversity.

A country passing through a period of pandemic unlike any in living memory.

Where would you start?

From the heart?

A letter with your thoughts

Dear Switzerland wants to hear from you on your thoughts about:

  • What you have learned from the COVID-19 crisis?
  • What has changed that you hope will continue?
  • Or, what do you want to share with the future population of Switzerland?

To contribute to the conversation, and see what people have written, visit Dear Switzerland.


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