Administration: On the Up and Up

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administrationAdministration encompasses many responsibilities. It has, like any job, evolved and in the future may undergo significant change over time.

The position’s role is wide-ranging but generally, admin staff ensure the efficiency of the company.

It is a subject GBN regularly examines in recognition of the function’s importance.

Despite what many outside the profession may think, there are opportunities available for those in admin to rise and rise, and rise further. There are a lot of stories of admin staff moving to project management, management and even to the very top of an organisation.


Firstly, they have unique organisational skills, and a valuable insight of how a company works, which gives them an advantage to move up in an organisation.

Secondly, they generally know everyone. It is an old adage that the mail person is the only one in the company that can match a face to a name in any department. For employment opportunities that open up in a company, this networking knowledge can be very important.

Thirdly, the mix of crucial hard and soft skills that administrators should have is becoming more and more desirable across different parts of any given company.

Opportunities will inevitably present themselves and to make the most of these, as any admin specialist will tell you, it is good to focus on continuous professional development, such as gaining the CFC, ECDL and of course – particularly in Geneva with its international business environment – building your language skills.

To help you plan for these opportunities, look at our article on being SMART in achieving your professional goals.

We welcome any feedback on your experience of promotion of administration staff, both good and bad.
From all at GBN, we wish you a wonderful autumn.


Addison Holmes Addison Holmes

I am a writer and teacher. My professional focus is on teaching language skills to ESL students. My management experience in the private sector and with various international organisations has led me to specialise in teaching business English. I work to ensure that business people who need to use English as a second-language can understand, and can be understood and better express themselves in their professional field.


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