Alpine resorts lose out to cities

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cervinThe Federal Statistical Office (FSO) suggests that the Alpine resorts once deemed to be Switzerland’s prized tourist centres (even in the summer months), with their green meadows, breathtaking alpine views and pristine lakes have lost out to Switzerland’s urban centres. The attractiveness of cities is due in part to the increase in business travel in the region. However, in recent years there has been a significant increase in Asian tourists (including China) who prefer highly developed urban areas with developed transportation infrastructure. According to the FSO, Zurich (being Switzerland’s largest business centre), saw the largest increase in overnight stays from 2005 to 2012 (25%).

Geneva’s overnight stays rose 12% market share with Bern gaining 14%. In contrast, Alpine resorts have experienced a staggering decline in visitors. St Moritz saw summer visitors decline by 21% in the same period, summer visits to Leuk-les-Bains (famous for its thermal baths) decreased by 16% as did visits to Montana (29%), despite their attempt to win back market share by targetting visitors from emerging countries.

Source: FSO

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