Australia: Celeste Barber’s Call for Funds

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A helicopter tackles a wildfire in East Gippsland, Australia (State Government of Victoria).

Australia has been burning for the past few months. At least 480 million animals have been killed. Twenty-seven people have lost their lives. All because of 200 fires! And summer has barely begun…

The ecological catastrophe this tragedy represents is high. Indeed, it could have a long-term impact on Australia’s ecosystem. This year’s fires have been made worse by climate change and human actions. Though climate scientists have been talking about the devastating long-term consequences of climate change in Australia, the above article stated that the “Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in particular, has refused to connect the dots between Australia’s reliance on coal, its greenhouse gas emissions, the ongoing blazes, and the consequences for Australians.” The situation became so critical that breathing the air in Sydney was equivalent to smoking 37 cigarettes.

In the middle of this crisis, a famous Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, decided that she had enough and created a fundraising page on Facebook on 3 January. What she did not expect was the response to her call. Some 1.2 million people donated raising more than 32 million dollars and counting!

Other celebrities, including Elton John, Nicole Kidman and Pink, donated money. However, Celeste Barber also makes a political statement regarding the lack of awareness amongst Australian politicians about climate change, which explains her new motto: “Power to the people!”

If you want to contribute to the cause, click this link to Barber’s fundraising page.

It is also possible to donate to these local state fire services directly:


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  1. Victorian family

    Hello, please be aware Celeste’s fundraiser was initially for NSW fire services only, yet this was not publicised by her, thus even people in other states with horrendous bushfires like Victoria erroneously donated to her.

    Due to the huge publicity she is attempting to work out how to allocate some of the funds to other charities, yet is a legal minefield with associated expenses. Her lack of information has also meant so many other charities have missed out on donations they would have otherwise received.

    The best place to donate from outside Australia is to a fund covering Australia as a whole, like the Red Cross. Thank you.

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