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Commodity Thursdays

Écrit par Pascaline Stella
Paru le 14 juin 2024

How do professionals stay ahead and forge valuable connections in the dynamic world of commodities trading?

Enter CommodityThursdays, a global networking event that brings together industry leaders and newcomers alike to share insights and build relationships in a relaxed, after-work setting.


How It All Began

CommodityThursdays was first organized in Geneva. Mathilde de Mareuil, Headhunter at Shipping & Trading Network (STN), Vice President at WISTA Switzerland, and founder of CommodityThursdays, told GBN:

“We created this event to enable people working in hard and soft commodities to connect. Hard commodities include natural resources like gold, rubber, and oil, while soft commodities are agricultural products such as corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, and soybeans. We meet regularly, every month or two, in an 'after work' context. Thanks to Clara Segret, Head of Marketing and Business Development, CommodityThursdays has taken off and expanded internationally. These networking events are now organized in London, Geneva, Paris, Istanbul, Rotterdam, Dubai, Singapore, and even Miami.”

CommodityThursdays are relaxed networking cocktails tailored to the sector. It's an opportunity to connect, share ideas, and build relationships in a fun atmosphere.

The last event occurred on 25th April at the Harbour Pub in Geneva, attracting 150 attendees. The next event in Geneva is on the 20 June, and you can find more information about the evening here.

What Did Participants Think of This Event?

Eliane Palivoda Herren, Executive Director of the Master of Science in Commodity Trading and Executive Diploma & Certificate of Advanced Studies in Commodity Trading at the University of Geneva believes these events are easily accessible, given the central and well-designed venues. She appreciates the diversity of attendees, from juniors to seasoned professionals, and finds that the events facilitate easy and meaningful connections. For young people, it's a unique chance to meet new contacts in the trading profession. She wholeheartedly encourages the continuation of these events, as they offer an excellent networking formula.

Amelle, an intern at a global leader in agribusiness, food, and ingredients, says, “I think CommodityThursdays is a great initiative. It brings commodities industry professionals together after work, every month. The diversity of locations for these events is also interesting. If you're travelling, you can always find a place to meet professionals. It's a great opportunity to network, discuss trends, and get to know people in the industry.”

Elodie Pilot, who works in the middle office of an international agribusiness, adds, “It's a friendly meeting between banking and trading professionals.”

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Image: CommodityThursdays

Pascaline Stella

With 20 years of experience in a bank in the commodities sector, my responsibilities included managing information, specializing in press reviews and information research for managers. In addition, documentary products such as a dictionary of metals were created under my supervision.

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