Digital Marketing Strategy with Victoria Marchand

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We are pleased to present an interview with Victoria Marchand. Specializing in digital marketing and communications, she has for 18 years supported decision-makers in Switzerland with her unique skills.

She is the Web Editor-in-Chief of Cominmag, a B2B media platform for communication and marketing news in French-speaking Switzerland, and is also a trainer at the Medi @ Lab at the University of Geneva and at the ESM.

Cominmag platform includes the online magazine and the Comingmag podcast, which has more than 200 episodes of interesting interviews and reports on marketing topics.

Victoria is also a co-founder and president of le meilleur de la web, and co-founder of live streaming productions and well media, a company specializing in the organization and moderation of conferences.

The full interview is available below. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Marchand for her time to speak to us.


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Sergio Bobadilla Sergio Bobadilla

I'm a digital marketing specialist. I am helping enterprises to develop their digital strategy to grow their business in terms of brand awareness and profit. I consider myself like a Lego builder because I take the digital elements such as the website, social media, brand content, digital campaigns, analytics, CRM, brand content strategy and I make all things work together in a strategic way.

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