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GBN has been around since 2008. During then, we have seen the organisation grow in vibrancy and diversity. Lots of different people from lots of different backgrounds have left their mark on GBN, all for the better.

To get a peek into the vibrant multicultural world of GBN, we have created a podcast to help you discover the people behind GBN.

Our central idea is to allow you to discover what makes the people at GBN so special, what motivates them, and some off-the-wall fun questions.

In this episode host Jasmine Benson spoke with Eugenia Okoro, a Business Manager working in GBN’s Communication and Editorial departments. They had fun talking about Eugenia’s sentiments on being bold, pushing forward, Gospel music, and Biafran nationality!

Host Jasmine Benson spent an eventful few minutes with Gary Anthony Radford, a graphic designer working in GBN’s Communications and Multimedia departments, chatting about rock & roll, tacos, and being chill…

We interviewed 3D artist and avid gamer, Jonathan Guthauser, a collaborator in the Communications and Multimedia departments at GBN. They covered critical topics such as the meaning of life, dental hygiene, and Zelda.

We also had John Godden, Digital Marketing Specialist in the Communications and Multimedia department at GBN. We went deep with John on slapping cats (it’s not what you think), functional beer pens, and the importance of getting into the stock market early…


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