A glimpse of reality by John Sasuya

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John Sasuya


In the chaos created by the crowd at the Automnales stands a small exhibition that suspends time, called A la découverte de l’essence de la vie. Like a photo album, John Sasuya explains that he captured what he was witnessing when he was traveling: a glimpse of reality.

From the simple façade of Italian houses to a Chinese woman praying in a temple, these polaroids of the past are the representatives of a culture, a moment or an individual in a poetic balance of colors. Knowing how colorful the Indian culture is, the simple look of an Indian woman dancing in black and white takes your breath away. Sasuya decides to show things raw, without filter, just like a diamond in the rough.

You can catch Sasuya’s photo exhibition at Les Automnales until the 17 November.

Discover that new reality!


Ludovic Clement Ludovic Clement

Passionate about education since the age of 12, I got curious about the integration of new technologies within an educational environment while I was subbing in Geneva's primary schools. My curiosity grew so much that I completed a master degree in Teaching and Learning technologies at the University of Geneva. For my thesis, I decided to challenge myself by creating a program that tackles the issues of teaching history for high schools. The goal of my ten-class program was to introduce the main events and issues of the French Revolution to second-year students, with the use of a commercial video game.

This idea of creating content outside the box comes from my deep love for arts, specifically dancing and writing. Trained as a dancer in New York City and Geneva, I use my sensibility to create original content. As a writer, my goal is to defend the rights and the liberty of everyone.

Artistic, hard-working and passionate, I am up to any new challenges!


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