New cars average 5.87 litres per 100 kilometres in 2017

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carsThe average fuel consumption for new cars registered in Switzerland for 2017 was 5.87 litres per 100 kilometres, representing a 1% increase in consumption from 2016 (5.79l/100km).

Nearly 314,600 cars were registered in 2017, with the average CO2 emissions figure being 134.1 grams per kilometre, which is fractionally higher than 2016’s average of 133.6g/km. While electric vehicles have been proving more and more popular in recent times, with cars like the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf, they only accounted for 2.7% of total registrations.

The rise in fuel consumption and CO2 figures can be attributed to people buying more SUVs and fewer vehicles with diesel engines; having a heavier vehicle means more fuel consumption, while diesel engines by nature emit less CO2 than petrol-powered ones.  SUVs accounted for 47.5% of total vehicles registered in 2017, as opposed to 44.2% in 2016 – meaning the average weight of vehicles registered went from 1,565kg to 1,672kg.

The average for engine sizes has also gone up slightly by 1.1%, from 1790cc to 1809cc.  However, advancements in technology means that less energy is required to move the mass of a vehicle – cars in 2016 needed 3.7 litres of fuel to move 1,000kg over 100km, whereas cars in 2017 needed 3.51 litres.

As far as light duty commercial vehicles are concerned, average CO2 emissions figures were at 185.3g/km – which is 5.4 grams less than in 2016 and a 2.8% decrease overall – while average fuel consumption was at 8.0l/100km.


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