Things you never knew about flying

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Whether you are a seasoned traveler or occasional traveler, there are probably a few things you do not know about flying.

Here are a few facts that answer questions you did not even know you had.


  1. Your taste buds and sense of smell are the first things to go at 30,000 feet. So it is not that the airline you are flying employs bad chefs that makes the food seem bland. It is the fact that the low pressure reduces your taste buds to sweet and salt. However savory tastes, or umami, are unaffected by altitude. Thus, this is why people ask for tomato juice or Bloody Mary in the air more than they ever would on the ground.
  2. Most airlines require that pilots and copilots do not eat the same meal when they are working. This is just in case there is something wrong with the meal so both do not get food poisoning.
  3. Airplane air is as dry as a desert. Most airline cabins are 20 percent humidity. This is less than half of what we are used to and for this reason you notice your skin, eyes and throat are dry.
  4. We lose approximately two liters of water on a long-haul flight. That is why it is important to stay hydrated and avoid coffee and alcohol.
  5. Have you ever noticed the little hole at the bottom of the cabin window? This tiny hole is called a bleed hole it allows pressure to equilibrate between the passenger cabin and the air gap between the panes.
  6. There is a red light on the left wing and a green light on the right wing of an aircraft. This is so other pilots can easily identify which way a plane is facing and in what direction.
  7. You might feel like you have dropped off a cliff when there is turbulence. In fact, the plane usually only drops a few feet in the air
  8. Why are the lights dimmed on takeoff and landing from twilight? Dimming the lights is to prepare your eyes to the dark in the event that the aircraft has to have an emergency evacuation.
  9. Your flight attendant could probably deliver your baby. The crew are not just waiters in the sky – they are there for your safety. They have been trained in many areas including medical training, administering CPR, splinting broken limbs and much more.
  10. Do you sometimes watch a film on a plane that makes you more emotional or tearful than if you saw it on the ground? There is a reason for this. On a flight, your body is slightly starved of oxygen, and this can cause fatigue, confusion, a lack of concentration, and it can also mess with your emotions.

So, take a pack of tissues on the flight for the movie, order a Bloody Mary, and do not worry about turbulence or the little hole in the window.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.





Deborah Lavanchy Deborah Lavanchy

With excellent customer focused service, I have been responsible for travel account portfolios ranging from humanitarian groups to leisure-orientated customers. Negotiating contracts, hosting events, implementing new revenue streams and building strong and long-lasting relationships with clients have been the hallmarks of my career. My professional interests include finding solutions for humanitarian and corporate clients using my extensive travel industry knowledge.

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